Sea, Land, Air: Migration and LaborEssay14 pages.<i>Muæ: A Journal of Transcultural Production</i> 1 (1995): 150-163.Courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Kaya Press</a> and R. Zamora Linmark. .</p>NovelistWriterFilipino lounge bands Seoul, Korea Hong Kong music diaspora philippines entertainers musiciansR. Zamora LinmarkLaboring at home and abroadCrossing bordersLaboring at home and abroadMaking culturesSunday, January 1, 199500

Sorry! CA+T no longer has permission to host "And This Next Song Is for Everybody: Filipino Lounge Bands in Manila and Seoul," as it has expired. This fantastic essay is still available, however, through its original site of publication: Muæ: A Journal of Transcultural Production 1 (1995): 150-163. So be sure to check it out there.