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Established in 2013 with the launch of the Center for Art and Thought (CA+T), the Artist-in-Residence Virtual Residency is a one of a kind program that moves from the delimited physical spaces of a center or institution to the virtual spaces of the Internet. This de-centering of the physical allows the resident to work from anywhere in the world, provided that s/he has a connection to the Internet.

Over the course of his/her residency, the artist has the opportunity to work towards the completion of a project, such as a manuscript, a collection of stories, or scholarly article. The fundamental goal of the residency program is to facilitate the artist’s critical engagement with the public through his/her contributions on a virtual platform. This platform is a space for the artist to garner inspiration from an engaged audience and to work through ideas, both visually and textually.

At the end of the residency, the artist will present his or her work online. For example, s/he might present a digitally recorded podcast, a live online streamed talk, or curated online exhibition. For more information about the Artist-in-Residence Virtual Residency, please e-mail your inquiry to