Empire’s Eyes: Colonial Stereographs of the PhilippinesCritiism3 pagesCourtesy of <i>IIAS Newsletter</i> and Ben CabreraCuratorWriterColonialism, Philippines, US Empire, Photography, Melissa Banta, Photographic Encounters in the Philippines, 1898 - 1910, Criticism, Harvard Peabody Museum, Ben Cabrera, Dean Worcester, ArchivesMelissa BantaArchiveColonial and imperial legacies"Colonial Photography Across Empires and Islands""Face: Necropolitics and the U.S. Imperial Photography Complex"A "Tom Sharkey" of Luzon. P.I.A Little Fishermaid of Cavite, PI (1929)A Visayan Family, Cebu, PIHow the 20th Kansas Boys Were Met by Conquered Natives, PhilippinesIn the Heart of a Native Village, Typical of Life in the Tropics. Philippine Islands Pasig River Boats Carrying U.S. Soldiers to “Laguna de Bay” (1898)Visayan Belles, Cebu Islands“Chapter 1: Introduction: The Kodak Zone”“Chapter 2: Photography and Truth”“Chapter 3: Taste of Empire”Monday, January 1, 2007<iframe style="width:100%; height:259px;" src="//e.issuu.com/embed.html#7853416/60086403" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>00