Daniel Ballesteros

b. 1980

Daniel Ballesteros is originally from St. Louis, MO, and has lived and worked as an artist in Santa Fe, NM; Chicago, IL; and New York, NY; before relocating to Oakland, CA, where he currently resides. Daniel is a third generation Filipino American from an assimilated Midwestern family. Art-making has been critical to the formation of his identity and perceptions. Shortly after his twenty-ninth birthday he began to explore what it means for him to be a Filipino American through various photography projects. These projects included exploring the Filipino community in New York and New Jersey and eventually flying to the Philippines to photograph the island of Corregidor in Manila Bay.

He has been an artist-in-residence at the Woodstock Center for Photography, the Camera Club of New York, Bose Pacia, and the Kala Institute in Emeryville, CA. His work has been acquired by private collectors and public institutions and has been recognized by En Foco and the Magenta Foundation.