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View works like Jenifer Wofford's Point of Departure series.

DialoguesBreak, Burn, Hoard: For an Atlas of Lost Afro-Asian Worldshttp://centerforartandthought.org/work/project/dialogues

Writers Tamiko Namura and Vince Schleitwiler talk about the challenges of recording a lost Afro-Asian imagination. How you write the history of a world that never came to be? 

Scholar Spotlight Kale Bantigue Fajardohttp://centerforartandthought.org/work/contributor/kale-bantigue-fajardo

Dr. Fajardo is the author of the book Filipino Crosscurrents: Seafaring, Masculinities and Globalization.

Covering the early decades of the US colonial period, the show captures the power of stereography to shape American viewers’ ideas about Filipino bodies and spaces. Left: “Looking Afar from the Philippine Shore, PI,” c. 1898-1930, stereographic print.Curated ExhibitionEmpire's Eyeswork/project/empire’s-eyes-colonial-stereographs-philippines