Empire’s Eyes: Colonial Stereographs of the PhilippinesStereographic printDimensions varyKeystone-Mast CollectionCourtesy of the UCR/California Museum of Photography, University of California at RiversidePhotographerCalifornia Museum of PhotographyArchive"Colonial Photography Across Empires and Islands"A Filipino Home Near ManilaA Little Fishermaid of Cavite, PI (1929)A Visayan Family, Cebu, PITropical Beauties of Ermita - a Mestiza Maiden in a Banana Grove. Philippine IslandsVisayan Belles, Cebu Islands“Chapter 1: Introduction: The Kodak Zone”“Chapter 2: Photography and Truth”“Chapter 3: Taste of Empire”“Photographic Encounters in the Philippines, 1898 - 1910”Saturday, January 1, 189800Wednesday, January 1, 1930 (All day)