Empire’s Eyes: Colonial Stereographs of the PhilippinesStereographic printDimensions varyKeystone-Mast CollectionCourtesy of the UCR/California Museum of Photography, University of California at RiversidePhotographerCalifornia Museum of PhotographyArchiveColonial and imperial legacies"Colonial Photography Across Empires and Islands"A Little Fishermaid of Cavite, PI (1929)Filipino Hair Dresser a Tenement Scene PhilippinesLooking Afar from the Philippine Shore, PITropical Beauties of Ermita - a Mestiza Maiden in a Banana Grove. Philippine IslandsVisayan Belles, Cebu Islands“Chapter 1: Introduction: The Kodak Zone”“Chapter 2: Photography and Truth”“Chapter 3: Taste of Empire”“Photographic Encounters in the Philippines, 1898 - 1910”Saturday, January 1, 189800Wednesday, January 1, 1930 (All day)