The Philippines and its diaspora are a culinary landscape. A global archipelago of scent, sight, sizzle, and spice. An empire of eating memories. 


Food Worlds assembles artists and scholars who together create a map of the world through Filipino food. And what a rich, unending series of combinations and juxtapositions that has turned out to be. Worlds, plural.


As the number of sources compiled in “Filipino Food Resources” suggests, there is already a vibrant conversation about Filipino food worlds. We invite you to explore our virtual exhibition as it unfolds from April to June 2014, and we look forward to your comments and thoughts. Please share! 


Curated by Clare Counihan and Sarita See.


In addition to our generous contributors, we would like to thank the following organizations for allowing us to republish works included in Food Worlds:
Berg/Bloomsbury Academic Press
Maya Besa Roxas, on behalf of the family of Doreen G. Fernandez
Open Media
Our Own Voice and Rowman Little
Penguin Press
University of California Press
Exhibition List:
Tria Andrews, “Chicken and Rice, Vito Cruz, Manila”
Michael Arcega, SPAM/MAPS
Roberto Ascalon, “Spam” 
Nerissa Balce, “The Meanings of Marrow” 
Amy Besa, “A Conversation with Historian Alex Orquiza” 
Sita Bhaumik, Letter to an Indian Grocery Store, “To Curry Favor” 
Eileen Castillo, “The Head is the Best Part/September 29, 2013” and “Santelmo” 
Clare Counihan, Filipino Food Resources
Kay Cuajunco, Bibingka
Doreen Fernandez, “Culture Ingested” (with Barbara Kischenblatt-Gimblett) 
Jessica Hagedorn, “Sprikitik” 
Laura Kina, “Black Market” and “Okinawa—All American Food”
Robert Ku, "SPAM" from Dubious Gastronomy
Martin Manalansan, “Immigrant Lives and the Politics of Olfaction in the Global City” 
Tim Manalo, Balut
Johanna Poethig, Placesetting 
Melissa Rosete-Wolfe, Orientalist Gift Wrap
Dennis Somera, “getoffthegravytrain,” “tomorrow tamari’maybe,” and “The Brick Oven” 
Aileen Suzara, “Searching for the Land of Salt” 
Aimee Suzara, “Litany for the Sea” 
Jerry Takigawa, False Food
Wesley Ueunten, “Okinawa Diaspora Blues” 
Imin Yeh, Interview with Johanna Poethig 
1Doreen G. Fernandez, “Culture Ingested: Notes on the Indigenization of Filipino Food.”
Curated ExhibitionThursday, March 6, 2014 - 10:45